About FWCC Africa

Jambo! Welcome to the Friends World Committee for Consultation Africa Section’s Website.

FWCC Africa Section is one of the four Sections namely, Africa Section; Section of the Americas; Asia-West Pacific; Europe & Middle East Section, of the Worldwide Friends World Committee for Consultation which was established in 1937 to be a channel of communication between Friends, helping them to explore and nurture their identity as Quakers in order to discover and be faithful to their true place in the world as a people of God. The Africa Section Secretariat based at Friends International Centre Ngong Road was started in 1969 and approved as a Section by the Triennial Conference held in Antanarivo-Madagascar, in 1971. It was registered by the Government of Kenya as a Society in 1973.

Friends in Africa are concentrated in the Western part of Kenya. However, there is Nairobi Yearly Meeting which stretches from Nairobi north to Nakuru and Kericho and south east to Mombasa. There are Friends in Uganda, mainly concentrated around Mbale. Tanzania has had Friends for a long time, concentrated around Lake Victoria and the Section is working to develop Friends groups elsewhere in the country. There was a group in Pemba which is no longer in existence. In Rwanda Friends are growing rapidly and are spread across the country but Kigali has the highest number. Burundi has had the presence of Friends since 1930s. We have some Friends in eastern Congo with small numbers in Kinshasa and Brazzaville. The groups in Congo are separated by vast distances such that each group is autonomous. There are isolated members and groups in Nigeria; Ghana; Botswana; Lesotho; Malawi; Namibia; South Africa; and Madagascar. In essence, the section accommodates all the three Quaker flavors, i.e. the unprogrammed, the evangelical and programmed Friends.  As such, FWCC Africa Section brings all the groups together and encourages cooperation and working together to further Quaker values in Africa.

The Staff

The current Executive Secretary, Churchill Malimo Adavaji joined the Section on July 1, 2011 succeeding Moses Musonga whose contract had expired after serving the Section for 7 years in the same capacity. Churchill who has training in theology and leadership served in Nairobi Yearly Meeting as a Pastor and also as Administrative Secretary in the Yearly Meeting’s head office. He has also worked for many years for an organization which is involved in Church planting and social work in Slum areas in Kenya. Churchill is assisted in the office by Edith Mijega Kidiya who has worked for the Section since 2006

The Section confronts major problems in Africa such as HIV/AIDS; unemployment; war and tribal clashes caused by corruption and bad governance; emerging modern sects/ministries; poverty and negative western influence.

Lack of sustainable financial base and reliance on donor funding is a major setback to the Section’s ability to serve the continent adequately.