Friends Church Kenya- Young Friends Outreach

Young Friends during outreach at Kambi Miwa Friends Church

The Friends Church Kenya- young adult friends 4th outreach happened at Kambi Miwa Friends Church, EAYM North YM in Kenya. The 4th-5th/March, 2017 outreach brought together 537 young friends from various Yearly Meeting’s, the event was graced by the fck yfp leaders with representation from FWCC Africa Section office.

Several activities planned took place from the open air meeting, lesson presentation on effects of conflicts on church growth, Bible trivia, choir presentations, talent show, praise and worship. The speaker of the day, Pst. Malanga, Malava YM took the youth through the theme hold onto what you have, Rev 3:11; despite the sufferings, persecution John held firmly and steadily unto his faith in Christ, as a result of his faithfulness, ambition and a fast learner of the gospel he was set apart as a special vessel for God to propagate the gospel to the 7 churches; same way as young people let’s keep going on and stay connected to the supreme being.

There is a crown of victory that will be realized and great reward for our achievements as the yafs. He has given us the strength and power through Christ to keep the good fight faithfully towards the finish line and just as Christ held on his integrity and divinity regardless of the myriad of temptations from the evil one. We ought to be firm and stay free safe from the devil by immersing selves in the word of God for Jesus continued quote its written, should be an encourager to be steadfast in diligently studying the word as the Bereans. Joseph too held onto his integrity despite Potiphar’s wife demands and we witness a crown of promotion bestowed upon him.

Pst. Philip Malanga speaks on the theme during the oureach

These bring me to the Quaker Church and as the Young Friends, the church to be; are we ready for the greater purpose? Our attitude towards the life challenges will be a determinant for success and honour lies in persecutions and whatever is at our disposal will bring forth what we desire. Out of anger, Moses the greatest leader and servant of God failed to reach the Promised Land; though we encounter difficult times in the church hold onto your faith, guard it jealously and God will give us victory in the quest to serve him wholeheartedly.

From FWCC Africa Section the message centred on unity, for unity is the greatest and clear testimony of Christ. There is that of God in everyone; light is powerful word in Quaker circles, the light which translates to God, Christ, Holy Spirit. It is to have liberty, to own up when am rebuked; it’s the presence of Jesus, His protection, For Him to order our footsteps and offer courage to reach out and secure those in darkness or whom we necessarily have difference in view point. When the light shines unto our lives Friends let us not be too defensive but seek for an opportunity to be free, cross over into the light from darkness. The light can be life changing/transforming; are we ready to take up the task of being the light that will transform and bring the change in the family of Friends in this country?

Is there a Friend, young, old, aged either of the sex who you could help know the light? If yes, what is stopping you? Maybe that project that stalled at the church, God is waiting upon you to say something and it shall be well. The conflict in the church could be eating into the membership and you are there but God has bestowed upon you the light that you need to shine, expose those in darkness and help grow the church.

One of the key principle or one of the greater values in Quakerism is Truthfulness and the best truth that brings forth freedom from sins, falsehood and controlling is from Christ himself; to be truthful in our undertakings for the church should be devoid of any self-seeking motives; the freedom that comes is pegged on walking in completeness and totality in Christ.

Am sudden of the challenges we face as the Young Friends; sometimes we feel side-lined from the key church decisions but that’s not the end of journey, we have to keep journeying on for the road in long it demands of our strides. As we walk the road, there are footprints visible and invisible; our goal should be to realize the invisible ones to better our understanding and the environment we work in as Young Friends. Despite the many stumbling blocks as we gather here today/tonight what’s our resolve? What message are we likely to send out to Friends? Can we draft a statement and say this is our position as Young Friends in Kenya? (Could be on politics, environment, social, peaceful elections, church etc)

Yearly Meetings are so wonderful but they are training grounds; after training it’s very automatic the stadium awaits (let us move into stadiums); we need not fight/disagree over the little space, there is more space and there’s time to explore. Issues that affect the Quaker Church are merely to do with boundaries, limiting ourselves, this is my space, you are over-stepping; let us learn from the current mistakes, grow strong for the church tomorrow needs strong, zealous men and women. When Friends fight for leadership in the church as the Young People we suffer, we may not do much about it; but praying and speaking about it can be something

How can a Young Person from Bware/North YM with a smartphone get connected to a Young Friend from another part of the world? Let’s look beyond our boundaries, we have limited churches, they are countable but we have countless opportunities, let’s reach out, and seek connections with Friends beyond our Yearly Meetings. With such mental shift its sudden Young People can overcome some of the obstacles to the destiny and realization of the unity of purpose for the church.